27 June 2012

Project: ISS 2012

This is a post-event highlighting microsite for Intεl Sοlμtiοn Sμmm!t 2012. The site is to capture the activities and everything related to event in the forms of videos, photos & other kind of materials. Audience of this microsite are participants of the event and other users of APɅC Intεl Channεl Pοrtal which is a member-only partners relation web site.

Live URL: www.%69%6E%74%65%6C.com/apac/channel/ISS2012/index.html [?]

Technical features:
  • jQuery
  • Galleria photo gallery (library)
  • OSMF's Strobe Media Playback (component)

Obfuscation Reasons

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