22 February 2011

AS3 Wordle Tag Cloud

Wordle Tag Cloud
You should have seen the aesthetic tag cloud above somewhere on the web. It originates from the famous Wordle words cloud (closed source). For the past few days, I have ported an open source Java class to ActionScript and able to render the tag cloud in Flash as seen above. Please refer to this article to have the Java author explain the basic of the algorithm. (Thank Pierre Lindenbaum for the nice implementation)

15 February 2011

Flash on multiple screen demo

2011 undoubtedly expects the multiple screen applications trend. Flash platform is one of the best solutions to deliver same experience across multiple devices and platforms. Here is a demo of Flash-based games on multiple (device) screens: PC, iPhone, iPad, Android phone (Motorola Milestone 2), Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab).

All the coding effort is credited to my Flash team. The iOS applications were created by using Flash CS5’s iPhone Packager. I repackaged the Flash builds to AIR for Android using Flex SDK Hero. Some of the applications are not complete and/or Android-optimized yet.

FYI, the video was created with Cinelerra, the most advanced non-linear video editor and compositor for Linux. (Quite close to Adobe Premiere, and require some learning curve)