08 October 2010

Presentation: Introduction to TDD & FlexUnit

This is a summary of what I studied and practiced with TDD & FlexUnit. This presentation is not for persuading developers applying unit testing but it will highlight benefits & vulnerabilities of TDD objectively.

[Vietnamese tag: Bài thuyết trình về FlexUnit và mô hình phát triển phần mềm dựa trên kiểm thử / kiểm tra]

02 October 2010

Using Flash Builder 4 on Ubuntu

Flash Builder 4 splash screen on my Ubuntu

So, Adobe has discontinued its Linux version of Flex Builder. That’s sad news for us. Anyway, it doesn’t change much since Linux users already have alternatives long before, e.g. FDT, IDEA. Besides, I have been able to run Flash Builder 4 on my Ubuntu (via Wine) for a while to take advantage of its mxml coding hinting and the unique design view. Let me share some of my experiences of using Flash Builer on Ubuntu so far.