15 June 2010

Project Pop Rox

Intro screenThis part-time project is about making a role playing game with a turn-base battle system. The story and events of the game can be easily scripted via an XML file. I have joined created the basic structure and workflow of the game based on PureMVC framework; created the scriptable story teller. This is a medium project with 4 developers.

My role: Team leader, Flash developer

Tech notes:

  • PureMVC framework
  • GTween engine
  • AddictingGames’ sponsor teaser

Map and HUD Inventory Battle

08 June 2010

Optimal Unicode range for Vietnamese font libraries

As an old-school tip, in order to display correct Vietnamese Unicode characters, we must include these character sets: Basic Latin + Latin I + Latin Extended A + Latin Extended Additional.

Although those 4 sets contain 994 glyphs, Vietnamese characters scatter in those sets and only take about one third of that number of glyphs. It is a waste to include other Latin characters that Vietnamese language never uses.

So I’ve done a quick experiment and come up with an optimal unicode range for Vietnamese characters (for [Embed] tags and compiled with Flex SDK):