25 December 2010

Project Snow Fight

Snow Fight Game
Another internal case-study project of Pyco Flash team to research multiplayer game with Red5. This is a 2D top-view real-time shooting game whose gameplay is similar to CS2D – you control your character moving round with WASD keys and aim and shoot with your mouse. The game showcases real-time synchronization among clients in a precision and fast-pace environment. The team have learnt a lot from the book ActionScript for Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds and apply what we learnt successfully to this game.
I designed and proposed the game concept and detailed requirements. I also joint to develop the character control and foundation of client-server synchronization.
My roles: system designer, technical supporter
Tech notes:
Click here to try the game. (Because this is a multi-player game, make sure you invite your friends to join).
Login screen Battle room screen Game over screen

05 December 2010

Flash Camp Hanoi 2010

The young and energetic people
It was great honor for me to be invited to the first Flash conference in Viet Nam, Flash Camp Hanoi 2010. The event is a proving fact that Flash/Flex users community in Viet Nam has grown up and stronger than ever. All details and stories can be found at the official website: flashcamphanoi.com.vn 
(Update: the server is temporarily down, please access the overview article on groups.adobe.com or view the event photos on FCH Facebook page)

Me on stage
I brought to the event the presentation about FLARToolKit and augmented reality in Flash. The slide deck (with links to online demos) has been uploaded by the organizer on slideshare.net.