23 April 2010

Links about Flash vs others

Since the event that Flash is not supported by Apple’s latest “magical” gadget – the iPad, there came a lot of debates with Flash platform against others, from HTML5 (the biggest), to it’s poor performance on MAC/iPhone OS and even to user experiences in touch devices,…

This post of mine is to bookmark any interesting read related to or address those debates, especially, the so-called “The Great Flash vs HTML5 Debate of 2010”. I admit that I’m bias so maybe most of the links here are pro-Flash. Anyway, you can read the comments for counter-arguments but I’ve seen a lot of *bullshit* yell-outs against Flash with no proof or reasonable points at all.

I’ll update this post regularly whenever I come across any read-worthy articles (and sort them in chronological order).

20 April 2010

Simple AS3 Line Smoothing

While researching for drawing tools, I’ve come up with a simple implementation of a pencil tool and line smoothing.

Here’s the idea:

  • Capture the points drawn by pencil tool in an array.
  • Filter a new points array from the original one by skipping points in the middle (to reduce turns & angles)
  • Finally, use a simple point-to-point curve drawing algorithm. I use sample code from this article by gskinner.com

The result:

Click to view the demo

You can find the source of this demo here.

[Vietnamese tag: Làm mượt nét vẽ đơn giản với ActionScript]