22 December 2009

OpenZoom library & SDK

I intended to note this on twitter but afraid that it will be washed away by other tweets. So I decided to bookmark any interesting ActionScript library here in a special category: ‘libraries’

Here’s the first:

“OpenZoom SDK

The open source OpenZoom SDK is a toolkit for the Adobe Flash Platform that enables you to easily build powerful applications, beautiful sites and stunning maps which use a zooming metaphor and high-resolution images. It is freely available under the MPL/GPL/LGPL trilicense.”

Main site: http://openzoom.org/
Code: http://openzoom.org/go/code
Document API: http://docs.openzoom.org/sdk
Author’s blog: http://gasi.ch/blog

Checkout this example. (Try: + – W A S D click wheel drag)
Interestingly, there is a Vietnamese showcase: http://www.albawater.com.vn/

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